Gerjo van Osch, PhD

Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam


Gerjo van Osch received her PhD in 1994 for research on animal models for osteoarthritis. As postdoc she became involved in cartilage tissue engineering and moved to Erasmus MC Rotterdam where she has set up a multi-disciplinary research group. Her research focusses on osteoarthritis and regeneration of cartilage and the osteochondral unit. Since 2012 Gerjo holds a chair in Connective Tissue Regeneration at Erasmus MC and since 2020 she was co-appointed as Medical Delta Professor at Delft University of Technology. Gerjo co-authored over 250 publications, has been involved as PI and coordinator in (inter)national research projects and active in various committees and boards. She is currently vice-chair of the Gordon Conference Cartilage Biology and Pathology and past-chair of TERMIS-EU.