Harrie Weinans, PhD

UMC Utrecht

Mini CV of Prof. dr. Harrie Weinans (UMCU)


Brief summary of research

Harrie Weinans is professor of Tissue Biomechanics and Implants and works at the Technical University Delft (0.2 fte) and the dept. Orthopedics of the UMC Utrecht (0.8 fte). His research has a focus on the physical and mechanical aspects of musculoskeletal tissues specifically in relation to homeostasis and degeneration of joint tissues. He developed detailed imaging methods that enable to investigate the interaction between joint loading, bone and cartilage breakdown as well as inflammatory processes in the osteoarthritic joint. A major goal is to find the drivers of joint degeneration and methods to counterbalance this. Within this context his research group tries to establish new concepts to treat osteoarthritis with smart injectables or novel concept for joint replacement implants.  Harrie Weinans has coordinated various national and international research consortia and currently co-leads an IMI (EU) project concerning osteoarthritis (APPROACH project) with 24 partners throughout Europe. He has over 300 peer reviewed publications and has guided >40 PhD students.


International visibility, activities, prizes, current grants.

2019: Davos (June 26) Why 3D printing for implant related infections

2019: Papendal (March 26) New antibiotic-free approaches to cure orthopaedic infections

2019: Kuopio (March 21) Big data and machine learning in osteoarthritis

2018: Amsterdam (Eular, June 14) Big data and machine learning in osteoarthritis



2016-2022: EU-IMI, APPROACH, consortium leader with pharma and 20 academic partners (15 M€).

2020-2023: EU-FET open, Metajoint project with Prof D. Klomp, PI (100k€).

2020-2023: Health Holland, Functional joint Repair Enabling Enjoyed Durable Mobility, co-PI with prof R. van Weeren (430 k€).

2018-2023: Health Holland, Infection controlled stimulus for bone formation – iBONE, co-PI with dr. M. Kruijt (700 k€)

2017-2022: STW, Smart-Industry Accelerating mass personalization in orthopedics facilitated by machine learning and bone MRI-based digital fabrication, co-PI (450 k€).

2017-2022: STW, Perspective, William Hunter Revisited Consortium. PI of sub part of consortium: From inflammation to regeneration (519 k€).

2017-2022: Health Holland, Implant Infection Therapy – IMIT, PI (800 k€).



1996-2001: Academy-Fellowship from Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)

2003: Annaprijs, for best research of the musculoskeletal system in the Netherlands (10 k€)

2020 and 2021: Member Veni committee NWO – ENW


5 key outputs

Glyn-Jones S, Palmer AJ, Agricola R, Price AJ, Vincent TL, Weinans H, Carr AJ. Osteoarthritis. Lancet. 2015 Jul 25;386(9991):376-87.
Longoni A, Knežević L, Schepers K, Weinans H, Rosenberg AJWP, Gawlitta D. The impact of immune response on endochondral bone regeneration. NPJ Regen Med. 2018 Nov 29;3:22.
Widera P, Welsing PMJ, Ladel C, Loughlin J, Lafeber FPFJ, Petit Dop F, Larkin J, Weinans H, Mobasheri A, Bacardit J. Multi-classifier prediction of knee osteoarthritis progression from incomplete imbalanced longitudinal data. Sci Rep. 2020 May 21;10(1):8427.
Warmink K, Kozijn AE, Bobeldijk I, Stoop R, Weinans H, Korthagen NM. High-fat feeding primes the mouse knee joint to develop osteoarthritis and pathologic infrapatellar fat pad changes after surgically induced injury. Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2020 May;28(5):593-602.
Croes M, Bakhshandeh S, van Hengel IAJ, Lietaert K, van Kessel KPM, Pouran B, van der Wal BCH, Vogely HC, Van Hecke W, Fluit AC, Boel CHE, Alblas J, Zadpoor AA, Weinans H, Amin Yavari S. Antibacterial and immunogenic behavior of silver coatings on additively manufactured porous titanium. Acta Biomater. 2018 Nov;81:315-327.